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Treat your access card and parking tag as you would your driver’s license.

Access Cards:

  • All gates require an access card for entrance. New owners should receive access cards, parking tags and a copy of the condominium documents from the previous owner at closing.

Parking Tags:

  • In order to park in the residents’ parking areas, you must display a current parking sticker in your windshield. New residents should be sure to get current parking stickers from the previous owner, tenant or if neeeded, PTW management. Peachtree Walk strictly enforces the parking policy. Vehicles be towed if improperly parked.
  • New residents should complete a Resident Information Sheet and E-mail it to the management office. Once your resident profile has been received, your name and telephone number will be added to the callbox directory.
  • If your access card is malfunctioning, click here: Include your name, unit number, telephone number and malfunctioning card number.   Note that there is a charge of $30 to replace an access card.
  • Remote gate controls and key fobs are also available for purchase.  See Annie for current cost of these options.
  • One bedroom homes receive one resident parking sticker. Two bedroom homes receive two resident parking stickers. Resident parking stickers are renewed annually with an updated resident information sheet given to the management office. If you plan to buy a home at PTW, parking stickers(s) and access cards should be conveyed at closing. If you plan to rent, your landlord should provide the card and resident parking sticker prior to your move in.

See Condominium Documents for complete information concerning insurance, pets, balconies, noise annoyances, and more.